Domain Name Tips

Choosing your domain name is important. Before you buy a new domain name you should do your homework.  Here are a few quick pointers to help out.

– Research, research, research – Find similar sites or competitors and see their names. You can start by using

– See if there is a domain name that was already used but is available for you to buy.  If the domain is popular enough or has the best key words it may help people find you faster.

– Make sure you domain name is easy to remember.  Don’t use odd spellings or have a dash or hyphen. –

– Stay away from slang terms that may end up being meaningless in 10 years.

– Try to get a short domain name if possible.  It is faster to type and remember.

– Stick with the .com if at all possible.  It is most common and what most folks will type first.


– Stray away from domain names that sound too much like someone else.

– Stay away form using numbers. It is confusing to know whether to type it out or use the digit.

– See if your desired domain name is available on social media?  It is always better to use the same domain in various places online.