Importance of Instagram

Social media is important for any business in today’s world and Instagram continues to be one of the most effective forms of social media marketing. Not only are there over 500 million active users per month but it is so easy to snap a photo and post.

Here is why we feel Instagram is so important to businesses, especially those in smaller towns like those in Pickaway County.

Post and run

1) Well, simply put, Instagram is SO EASY to make a post right from your mobile device. Just open the app, take a photo, and post. Once you get more comfortable start to put hashtags on your keywords too. The best part is the post can literally be made in seconds!

Taking a photo is easy

2) Sometimes it may seem difficult to come up with content to promote your business. With Instagram you just point, shoot and post.

Introduce your business

3) You may be surprised how many people don’t even know you are “in town” or they never took the time to stop. With social media post it allows you to introduce your business in a quick easy way that will allow them to see more of what you are about. Your products, services, you and anything else that helps to to introduce your brand to the community.

Tell them where you are

4) With Instagram and Foursquare joining their databases together this will help people see where your location is. As they browse their Instagram feed they not only can find you but where you are.

Gain followers

5) ┬áSince links are not allowed on Instagram most followers never really feel they are getting “SPAM” from your business account. Likewise, if you want people to “follow” you make sure you upload interesting photos of your product or service.

Without a doubt Instagram is probably one of the simplest ways of sharing and marketing your business. From the busy owner to employees. It helps build your brand, tell others about you and increase your online presence. Set up an Instagram account today or if you need help please feel free to contact us here at and we can help.